So what does the Royal Canadian Mint do anyway?

There is more to the Mint than you might think!

From the Mint’s website:

“Have you ever wondered about who makes all that change in your piggy bank or pocket? Where does it come from and who designs them? Coins reflect our Canadian history and culture and for over 100 years, we have been making them at the Royal Canadian Mint. We make all of the coins in Canada and we even make coins for other countries.

2004 Coloured Poppy 25 cent coin

A spy coin?

Take a look in your wallet. You may find a coloured Poppy coin from 2004. If so, you’re holding a piece of history because it is the first coloured circulation coin in the world!

It took a while for people to get used to it. In fact, it was mistaken as a spy coin. When American defence contractors first saw the poppy coin in 2007, they examined the coin’s security features and incorrectly concluded that the protective coating was being used to hide a surveillance device!”

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