You do the cooking.
We’ll handle the books.

Dawn Nickolichuk


Nicknamed the “magical tax wizard” by a few of her clients, she founded Trout Lake Group in 2006 out of her desire to assist small and medium sized owner-managed business and not-for-profit entities in her community.

Dawn completed her Bachelor of Business Administration, Chartered Accountancy Co-op Program at Simon Fraser University in 1996 and her Chartered Accountant (B.C.) designation in 1997. Her professional experience includes her articling experience with Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants (Victoria), a five month “tour of duty” with the Auditor General Office of British Columbia (Victoria), a staff accountant at Gray & Associates, Chartered Accountants (North Vancouver) and a manager at Ellis Foster Chartered Accountants (Vancouver).

Her volunteer experience includes several years of hosting free personal tax return preparation clinics for the members of The Kettle Society and participating as a member of the Board of Directors for Grandview Woodland Community Association (Trout Lake Community Centre), Community Arts Council of Vancouver and the West Coast Floor Hockey League.

Dawn enjoys participating in many team sports including ice hockey, floor hockey and soccer. She has been nicknamed “Dawnie Mangler” by her sport teams as a result of her tenacious play.

Georg Plett

Georg’s first 30 years of his career was spent in kitchens where he cooked, baked and managed teams and department budgets. His experience includes operating his own bakery for ten years and leading food and catering services for BC Place and the Commodore Ballroom. Georg uses this expertise at Trout Lake Group to not only assist our food and beverage clients but also clients in other industries. His wizardry at resolving both our internal and client IT issues stems from his hobby of building computers and staying on top of new and evolving technology. He enjoys spending time cooking in his own kitchen whether it be for the benefit of family and friends or his dog Maus.

Klaudia Rogowski


Klaudia came to Canada after a long journey from Poland. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management from the University of Salford in Manchester. Arriving in Vancouver, she completed a Master of Administrative Science in Human Resources Administration.

Klaudia knows that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and exercise a strong work ethic. Her administrative background has positioned her well in the bookkeeping world. Klaudia not only performs bookkeeping but understands the story those numbers tell.

She believes that her time spent in multiple cultures has developed her interpersonal skills and her ability to communicate effectively.



Head office canine and our office’s early warning detection system ‐ as she knows you have arrived at our office before you’ve even knocked on the door!