Have you filed your PST return????

Update: It’s now June 27th…have you filed your May PST return?? The deadline is Tuesday, July 2nd because the 30th falls on a Sunday and the 1rst is a holiday. If you are finding monthly filing and paying too onerous, you can request to switch to a different frequency.

Today is the deadline for the first PST filing for businesses registered as monthly filers. Have you remembered to file?

You may want to analyze what reporting period works best for your company. Businesses are eligible for a commission on the PST they collect, to a maximum of $198.00 per filing.  If you business collects more than $333 of PST in a given reporting period, you can claim a 6.6% commission to the $198 maximum. If your records are kept up to date and you have your revenue numbers, it may be more lucrative to file monthly in order to maximize your commission. More information.

If you fail to remit PST on or before the due date, you will not be able to claim the commission and may be subject to a penalty and interest.

You can request a change to the frequency, but will have to file for April and May (as monthly returns) before the change comes into effect.

To file and pay your return online, follow this link.

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